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    I have worked very hard over the last 12 years to keep this site together, for no remuneration whatsoever. This could be the “best” flight planning tool for free on the web with your help. If there is anything missing from, or mistaken information on your home airfield, or any that you know, then please leave a comment, only with your help can we make this the best online resource available. Thanks you!

    Flyins / Events

    Add your flyins to the site. Just let us know, and I will grant you the ability to add yours.

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    Please keep your home airfields updated for the benefit of visiting pilots.

    Simply leave a message at the bottom of the card with any updates

    Airfield Operators

    You can now take ownership of your card, and update the details whenever necessary.

    Simply let us know your username and your airfield, and we will give you editing rights.

    Latest Airfield Updates

    Rougham - 19th December 2020

    White Waltham - 19th December 2020

    Elevation details updated, Radio call sign updated, OHJ updated. Thanks Christoper Swinhoe-standen.

    Wycombe Air Park - 19th December 2020

    Calton Moor - 19th December 2020

    Very rude message from Dennis Salt. Airfield details updated.

    Troutbeck - 14th December 2020

    New airfield added. Thanks Mike Calvert

    Decoy Farm - 4th December 2020

    New airfield added and verified by owner.

    Chatteris - 21st November 2020

    Updated the radio frequency

    Watnall - 12th November 2020

    Elevation corrected.

    Garforth - 6th November 2020

    Rufforth - 4th September 2020

    Cafe Link added. Link to new website added.

    Latest Airfield Comments

    • John Hamnett
       commented on Calton Moor:
      Just a thought but do the members at Carlton Moor expect to be welcomed at other airfields, or do th (...)

    • Vince
       commented on Rougham:
      Thanks Chris, I have updated the card with your info (...)

    • Vince
       commented on White Waltham:
      Thanks Christopher. I have updated the card accordingly. (...)

    • Vince
       commented on Wycombe Air Park:
      Thanks for your update Christopher, what do you mean by 19hPa not 17? I have updated the radio frequ (...)

    • Vince
       commented on Wycombe Air Park:
      Thanks John. I have updated the card. (...)

    • Vince
       commented on Contact:
      Why do you think that SHOUTING, AND REPEATING YOURSELF will get your message across? Angry man. I wi (...)

    • Dennis Salt
       commented on Contact:

    • John Hagan
       commented on Wycombe Air Park:
      No longer 'Wycombe Tower' as the service is air ground and therefore 'Wycombe Radio'. (...)

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    Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information held within each card is correct, we cannot be responsible for errors or omissions. It is up to you the pilot in command to verify the information, and call for PPR where necessary. By using this website, you agree to these terms.